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Website Monitoring Tool

Website monitoring tool monitors the status of your website for ensuring website availability regularly. Software monitors your web site down due to various errors such as Host not found, Connection Failed, Low bandwidth, Server not found, no connectivity or any other error in uploading and accessing your website. Web monitoring software works with different types of internet protocols including POP3, SMTP, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS sever protocol.

Software monitors uptime, downtime, ping status and error free loading of your website and web based applications. Webpage monitoring utility checks the status of your website and sends report of your websites status in real time.

Application sends alert notification by email / beeps sound or runs a specific program whenever your website goes down or is inaccessible and evaluates the real time performance of the website.

Website Monitoring Tool Screenshots :-

Website Monitoring Tool
Screenshots of Website Monitoring Tool

Software Features :-

  • Monitors website availability to assure real time performance of your web sites.
  • Software provides the facility to switch from main view to monitoring view for detailed website.
  • Cost-effective and efficient monitoring software to analyze all crucial websites and web based applications.
  • Utility tool manages the website for ensuring availability of your webpage to every single visitor visiting your website.