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Advance Keylogger Software

Advance Keylogger allows you to know everything happening on your PC in your absence. Software easily records overall system and internet activities including Time setting modification, System sounds, Clipboard activities, Typed URLs, Search engine history, Voice chat conversation, Instant Messages (using Yahoo, MSN chat, Google, Gmail, ICQ etc popular chat sites) in absolutely hidden way.

Thus, you need not to be physically present with your machine where you have installed the software. Invisible Keylogger runs silently as the background system process in your machine so that other users cannot suspect if their activities are being monitored secretly. Advance Keylogger provides windows screenshots slide show facility to let PC owner know the order of applications accessed.Software is useful for real time employee monitoring, child monitoring and continuous tracking of users PC and internet activities.

Advance Keylogger Software Screenshots :-

Advance Keylogger Software
Screenshots of Advance Keylogger Software

Software Features :-

  • Runs invisibly in the background and undetectable by any user except PC owner.
  • Easily bypasses all major antivirus software and spy tools.
  • Password protected application prevents unauthorized user to change software configuration settings.
  • Allows you to set hot keys (for your comfort) or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Delivers log via E-mail settings or upload it through FTP Server settings.
  • Generates log report in .txt or .html file format.
  • Easy to operate even for untrained individual.
  • Provides GUI interface for user convenience.

Utility maintains log of all recorded details and sends it at desired mail id via email option. In addition to this, software provides the facility to upload log file at remote location through FTP Server settings.

With the help of software, you can control system and internet usage done by any user on your machine.

Software Records

  • Keystrokes activities
  • Clipboard activities (copy-paste operation)
  • System startup time
  • Time setting modifications
  • System sound activities
  • Voice chat conversation
  • Windows caption of all accessed applications
  • Visited websites, typed URLs
  • Instant messages
  • Capture windows screenshots of all running applications